Enrico Zodio
Chief Executive Officer
The first step in taking a company from good to great is to get the right people on board, committed and aligned, then to set a new direction, a new vision and strategy.
Damiana Gentili
Quality Unit Director
A powerful quality is built on committed people: a dedicated team engaged in generating products and services in compliance with customers’ and regulatory expectations.
Paolo Paissoni
Research and Development Director
Innovate with passion, through a full cooperation, is our recipe for a continuous professional and corporate growth, giving our customers something unique.
Jacopo Roletto
R&D Laboratory Director
An R&D team with an extensive scientific expertise and extremely result-oriented. Open to collaboration and teamwork, we work every day with great passion to improve the service to our customers.
Claudio Comi
Operations Director
People are the key to make a company successful. We believe that human resources should definitely be technically skilled, but also joint by common principles and goals. Cross-functional approach and cohesion among divisions are essential to us.
Yoshihiro Furukawa
Administrative Director
Having the robust financial background of CBC Group, our historical diverse experiences and global network, Procos will continuously grow in the market
Kingo Yamashita
Chief Commerical Officer
We don’t dream at night, we dream all day; we dream for creating best services for our customer.
Making the simple complicated is commonplace: making the complicated simple, awesomely simply, that’s creativity.
Paolo Muttini
Production Director
Sustainable growth, steady improvement and dealing with complexity: these are our challenges everyday. By developing appropriate expertise, we will pursue the excellence and will make a mark on Procos of today and Procos of the future.