Quality Assurance System

The history of Procos shows a track record of regulatory compliance inspections by European and non-European authorities, all concluded with a positive outcome:

aifa 1952
October 1992
November 1994
July 1997
May 2004
July 2007
September 2010
October 2013
April 2016
February 2019
June 1994
April 1997
April 2001
November 2002
March 2007
May 2010
August 2013
February 2016
May 2017
September 2008

In addition our quality system is periodically assessed by Procos customers, including some of the top pharmaceutical companies, in order to verify the level of compliance of Procos site with cGMP, legal requirement and their own standard.  In the last year alone we have been audited by more than 26 customers.

The combination of inspections by regulatory bodies and customers gives us the opportunity to constantly challenge Procos quality system in order to update it with the latest regulatory and industry trends and customers expectations.

An experienced qualified team in the quality unit ensures the cGMP compliance of all the manufacturing operations.