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Procos R&D has a qualified and skilled group of researchers (PhD and technicians) dedicated to the development (innovation and optimization) and scaling up of the chemical processes.

Procos has a long tradition in developing and producing APIs and intermediates according to our customer requests.

Strict Confidentiality Agreements and patent protection offered to the customers are at the forefront of our commitment as a reliable supplier.

From lab to pilot scale we are able to offer:

• Fast feasibility study, through our in-house developed database software on more than 1500 projects, already developed through the years

• Reliable and cost effective availability of raw materials, through our CBC worldwide network, speeding up sourcing and purchasing activities

• Full cost evaluation of the chemical processes from the very beginning of the experimental phase of the project, according to an internally developed software that is able to accurately estimate costs related to the raw materials, human resources, equipment, waste, analysis and logistics.

• Solid state studies for new crystalline forms (In-House X-Ray Diffraction equipment on site)

• A complete hazard assessment for each step of each process in order to get faster scale up from lab to pilot and industrial scale, under inherently safe conditions

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