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In our R&D laboratories, project development is performed with advanced techniques in effort to define innovative synthetic processes and/or to optimize existing ones (customer’s technical packages) for a fast improvement and scaling up.

Innovation, optimisation and fast industrialisation of the processes are R&D Mission.

  • Full development of the products
    with the help of the following techniques:
    Automated parallel syntheses and hydrogenations

  • Solid state studies
    Ultrasound equipment TM
    LabMax (Turbidimetric technology)
    FT- IR (HATR)

  • Analytical development
    performed with the most advanced equipments like:
    Quantitative TLC
    Capillary Electrophoresis

  • Complete hazard assessment
    Calorimeters RC-1, Radex, DSC, TGA

 GMP manufacturing activities

  • Production at kilolab and pilot plant facilities have the same Quality System of the industrial scale
  • cGMP Production of API and intermediates in a wide range of batch size : 500 g ÷ 70 Kg.
  • Hazard assessment of the process is fully performed before each scaling up


  • Laboratory facility for high potency APIs
  • OEB4
  • Fully equipped Glove-box with 4 chambers (over 6 mt)
  • Range of temperature: -80°C /over 200°C
  • Chromatography chamber
  • Drying and dispensing chamber


  • Up to 50 Lt fully equipped hastelloy & glass reactors
  • Range of temperature: -80°C / +160°C
  • Chromatographic column
  • Centrifuge (kilo quantities)
  • Filter Stainless Steel, Hastelloy
  • Static dryer
  • Milling equipment

Pilot Plant

  • Equipped hastelloy, stainless steel and glass-lined reactors
  • Range of volume: 100-1000 lt
  • Range of temperature: -80°C / +130°C
  • Chromatographic column
  • Hydrogenator 400 lt (pressure operation up to 50 bars)
  • Hastelloy centrifuge
  • Hastelloy static dryer

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