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HSE Policy
Procos S.p.A., part of the CBC group, deals with chemical synthesis of pharmaceutical active ingredients and their intermediates directly for the market or on behalf of other pharmaceutical companies.
Procos S.p.A., aware that its activities have an impact on the environment, and may cause risks for the health and safety of its staff, commits itself to define an Environment Management and Safety Management System complying with the applicable laws.
Procos S.p.A. was one of the first companies to join the Responsible Care Programme, fully supporting the aim of this initiative.
Procos S.p.A.’s management, while employing the Environmental and Safety Management System, constantly promotes all the actions necessary to guarantee health and safety in the workplace, to prevent major accidents, to minimize the environmental impact of the activities carried out within the plant, in view of a constant improvement.
By employing this policy, Procos’ management commits itself to put the following principles into practice:
       To comply with the current regulations and laws regarding health, safety and environment.
      To adopt, according to the Best Available Techniques (BAT), the most suitable technological and organizational solutions in order to prevent the uncontrolled emissions into the environment and the major risks for health, safety, as well as the risks of major accidents.
•    Make the restoration of conditions of security as a result of an accident. 
       To reduce the utilisation of natural resources by promoting recycling and /or re-utilisation.
    To reach and keep conditions of compatibility with the surrounding area, also within the risks of major accidents matters, following the guidelines based on the relevant laws.
       To properly train its corporate staff to make them aware and suitable to keep an appropriate behaviour in the workplace in terms of health, safety and environmental protection.
       To spread this Policy to the suppliers and inform the external service companies operating in the plant, requiring its respect.
       To annually define objectives of constant improvement, in terms of health, safety and environmental protection, as well as prevention of major accidents and to check the achieved goals.
•   To keep the highest transparency level of communication with the public administration, supervising authorities and the local community, in order to achieve the health, safety and environmental protection goals.
       To spread the above Policy principles, both inside and outside the company, with the commitment to make the achieved results public.
Safety and environment are a common heritage and their responsible management is a common effort: everyone needs to share this Policy and is expected, within his/her activities, to apply its principles.       
Annual Environmental Report

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